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Hypnotherapy and Benefits to Your Business

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Stress? Depression? Anxieties? IBS? PTSD?

The well-being of a workforce contributes significantly to the profitability of a company

- Your Company.

At the end of the twentieth century the incidence of stress related illnesses, depression and IBS in the country was on a significant rise amongst the working population - with 1 in 4 suffering  life-interrupting mental ill-health problems as adults, 1 in 5 suffering from IBS, stress related absenteeism accounting for 6.5 million days of lost productivity per annum at an estimated total cost to the country of 3.75 billion (HSE June 2001). There is no reason for the trend to change.

So What About Your Business and Hypnotherapy?

Most people who are looking at this page are either owner managers of SME's or HR managers of larger companies that are holders of Investors in People (or working towards it), believe in what IiP really stands for and what it means to their employees. An employer choosing to deliver hypnotherapy  to those in their workforce that need support shows that employer in the very positive light of being proactive.

They are also responsible employers that look at what ill-health and stress cost both their employees and the bottom line, the money that could be re-invested in the business and the security of people's employment, in these uncertain times.

Hypnotherapy is a Brief Strategic Therapy i.e. a therapy that has effect in about 3 sessions (maximum 12) that has a positive effect for change in the individual  - for businesses that need to support individuals  with issues that are affecting their work it is a most cost effective solution. It also demonstrates that you are concerned about your employees' welfare and well-being thus protecting your company. Many of the interventions used are cognitive in their approach and effect; changing both the thinking and the behaviour.

I can work with you on an agreed basis, to support your employees in need, at a cost that is right for your continuing success.

Contact Duncan by email , on 01489 787312 or on his mobile 07989 343802.

Examples of suitable interventions are (or any relevant issues such as PTSD as detailed on my Hypnotherapy Treatments page) :-

Back to Work:         Hypnotherapy can be one of the most efficient ways of helping individuals ,that have been off long-term sick for stress related (or other) reasons, back to work successfully. There is an innate fear in going back to the job that you know and that made you ill. It takes quite a bit of change in an individual's way of both approaching and thinking about their job to enable a long-term successful return.

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome):       Is a most distressing set of symptoms that can significantly hinder an individual's working abilities through embarrassment, fear of travelling to customers/clients, fear of taking valued customers or new business contacts out to lunch because of the chance of an attack of IBS and quite honestly it is very uncomfortable. Hypnotherapy has been clinically proven to be a most effective treatment resolving the issues for 80% of people (Whorwell et al) .

Support Keeping an Employee at Work:       Hopefully many individuals can talk to their managers or the owner of the business (as appropriate) if they feel that they are having difficulties coping and through hypnotherapy support strategies, to help to keep the employee at work, can be delivered; tailored to their own individual needs, as a most effective intervention and helping to avoid the stigma and cost of going off sick with stress/depression.

Smoking Cessation/ Reduction:          The average smoker at work having two cigarettes every morning and afternoon, leaving the building, lighting up, actually smoking the thing, coming back, having a glass of water and then settling down again can waste up to 15 minutes a time, each and every time they have a cigarette -  5 + hours a week for 48 weeks a year. Accounting for approximately 6 weeks a year of lost productivity! Hypnotherapy can be part (or fully) sponsored  by the employer to help smokers reduce the amount they smoke at work - or to stop smoking -  in both individual or group support environments.





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